Thursday, July 14, 2016

Miri Marriott Resort & Spa : For A Peaceful Getaway

Entrance to the resort

Nestled in the quiet town of Miri, a coastal town of Sarawak, 
is the prestigious Miri Marriott Resort and Spa. 
Famous for its flawless service and amenities, spacious room 
and luxurious settings for a honeymoon, vacation and business trips.  

Poolside view of the Hotel 

Lobby and Reception 

Walk way overlooking the sea and pool 

Chefs preparing meals for buffet 

Famous Sarawak noodles is served here

Extremely large buffet area

cosy indoor dining area

Have your own private corner with the family 

Enjoy the pool and sea view with their outdoor dining area

Kiddy pool 

Pool Bar 

Our room for 2 nights! It was so comfy that i got out of bed late for breakfast! 

Good little spot for us girls to relax and chit chat

Ah... an outdoor balcony just for us! Here we enjoyed the morning breeze.

Who can say no to a bath tub? 

Yes, enough space for two girls's worth of toiletries. 

World famous spa right at your doorstep - Mandara Spa  

Mandara Spa - Enjoy a manicure/pedicure treat right here 

Mandara Spa - enjoy their floral foot soak and massage here

A must-try here is their Asian Head Massage - A Thai poultice filled with exotic leafs, flowers and lime essential oil is dipped in warm coconut oil and used on the scalp for complete relaxation.

An outdoor tub and shower is a special treat for you and your loved one.

Gym rats rejoice! You still can work out with their fully equipped gym 

A studio for yoga and dance fanatics. 

Unwind with friends at the bar, fully air conditioned. 

Special tip : Hotel staff promise the best sunset view from this balcony at the bar

Personally, I fell in love with this hotel the minute i got to the lobby. The very helpful staff came forward to welcome us by taking our luggage, served us a cool drink and check in was really quick. 

Our room was spotless. Although it was quite a walk from the main building, I was thankful as i quickly realized how peaceful it was as it was far from the pool and bar. I truly had quality time with my close friend, and most importantly, a really good sleep. 

Just 2 days of quiet time and a really good spa session at the top-notch Mandara Spa left me rejuvenated and energized for the real world in Kota Kinabalu city again. Coming back here soon as i hear they just upgraded their rooms to be more comfortable, spacious and trendy! YAY! 

Miri Marriott Resort and Spa
Facebook : Miri Marriott 
Phone: +60 85 421 121


wanyyg said...

uuuuuuu~~ looks really calm and good escape from the city!
haven't been to miri myself, been to kuching a few times.
maybe next trip i can look for this hotel! <3


charlottefong.blogger said...

really peaceful and serene. their breakfast buffet is amazing. d spa (up in the next post) is to die for!

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